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Astro Basic Reading

your personal birth chart analysis
Together we are going to analyze:
  • your sun and moon in signs and houses
  • your rising sign
  • your dominant elements 
  • your personal planets and their placement in your birth chart
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This Reading is for you:
  • You have little or no previous knowledge of your horoscope and astrology in general
  • You want to find out what the most important basic topics are in your horoscope and therefore in yourself
  • Want to find answers to questions like: "How do I affect others?", "What drives me?" "What do I need to feel safe and secure?", "What are my strengths and talents?", "Which job suits me?", "What is particularly important to me in a relationship and in a partner?", "How do I communicate?", "How well can I assert myself?", "What are my challenges?" And much more
Your results:
  • a basic understanding of yourself, your topics in life and your gifts 
  • more awareness of your strengths and your true core
  • more self-confidence for possible blockages, beliefs and challenges
  • an approach, which topics you can tackle, deepen or even release and let go
  • more strength and trust for and in yourself
Astro Basic Reading​
  • Your birth chart sent to you as a pdf file
  • 80 min. Online Astro Reading Session via Zoom 
  • recording of our zoom session
Energy Exchange:

199 €

zzgl. Mwst.
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