Astro Business Reading

How to glow in your career & work life
Together we are going to analyze:
  • your rising sign
  • your sun and moon in signs and houses and all of their important aspects
  • your dominant elements 
  • your personal planets and their placement in your birth chart
  • your business & career signature in your chart
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This Reading is for you:
  • if you have little or no previous knowledge of your horoscope and astrology in general
  • if you want to find out what the most important basic topics are in your birth chart and therefore in yourself
  • if you want to find answers to questions like: What drives me?", "What are my strengths and talents?", "What should my work environment be like?", "Who are my soul clients?", "Which activities are suitable for me ? "," What are my challenges and where can I get more power? ", and much more
Your results:
  • a basic understanding of yourself, your issues, your gifts and talents
  • more awareness of your strengths and talents
  • more self-confidence for possible blockages, beliefs and challenges
  • an approach to what your heart business is, how you want to work and how your soul clients should be
  • more strength and trust for and in yourself
What is included and how does it work?
  • Your birth chart sent to you as a pdf file
  • 90 min. Online Astro Reading Session via Zoom 
  • recording of our zoom session
Energy Exchange:

222 €

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