Astro deep dive Reading

Let's go deep!
Together we are going to analyze:
  • the most important aspects between planets in your chart
  • based on the position of Chiron: your deep wound, which is at the same time your greatest gift and strength
  • your experiences and impressions from childhood & prenatal time
  • Life patterns and parental images in your birth chart 
  • your karmic topics based on the position of your lunar nodes
This Reading is for you:
  • if you already have basic knowledge of astrology and / or your natal chart (otherwise I always recommend a basic reading first)
  • if you want to deal even more deeply with your impressions and experiences in life
  • if you want to know to what extent your karmic and prenatal experiences shape your childhood and your life
  • if you are curious about who you really are and what you want to bring into the world - undernath all of your old beliefs
  • if you have had little contact with astrology, but have already dealt with the issues of coming to terms with the past and personal development
  • if you feel that there has to be more that is inside you and wants to be brought to the outside

This reading contains analyzes and impulses that will move you out of your comfort zone.

I would like to support you in bringing the origin of important points in your life into light.

I mix astrological birth chart and personality analysis with spiritual coaching inputs.
What is included and how does it work?
  • Your birth chart sent to you as a pdf file
  • 90 min. Online Astro Reading Session via Zoom 
  • Spiritual Life Coaching 
  • recording of our zoom session
Energy Exchange:

255 €
zzgl. Mwst.