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shadow work coaching programme
Shadow Work

Dancing on Pluto

Create an authentic and glowing life in three months!

With this program you will receive the necessary support and guidance to approach your shadows bit by bit and transform them into your strengths.

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Do you know the feeling?...

... when you come across the same points in life over and over, where you feel stuck or like running in a circle not finding the exit?

... when you always draw the same situations or people into your life and the same fears or blockages appear?

... where you just want to run away from everything and escape but also don't have the strenght for it?

The reason for all of this are our old belief systems which go back to core fears and blockages inside us. However, we are often not even aware of this. But we do experience this particular feeling of not getting ahead our daily life.

From my own experiences, I do know these situations well and I have dealt with them very intensely.

I was stuck in a civil servant job, in which I felt like being stuck in a rat race.


Despite many fears and worries, I finally found the courage to give up that job that was so safe and actually comfy and went on a journey to myself.



The first step is to recognize the patterns inside that are holding you back and to explore what lies beneath them.

And here my shadow work program "Dancing on Pluto" can not only support, but above all lovingly guide you to yourself by devoting yourself to your inner work, seeing what is behind the blockages and eventually working on releasing them.


And you can do that too!

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shadow work coaching programme

What is it about?

In my 3 month "Dancing on Pluto" program we devote ourselves intensively to your topics and will…


  • create self-confidence through shadow work

  • turn your fears into your strengths

  • create an authentic and free life based on your own values ​​and beliefs

  • Work out your fears and patterns

  • find out where you may project your fears and anger onto others

your glowing results

After these three months you will have ...


  • dealt with your inner fears and conflict issues

  • recognized where to let go of old thought patterns in order to live your own truth

  • created self-confidence

  • gained an idea of ​​what an authentic and independant life can look like based on your own values ​​and ideas

  • acquired the courage to take important steps towards this independant life

How does the dancing on pluto

programme work?

  • In a short free preliminary call, we will get to know each other and set our appointments

  • We will arrange 6 online coaching appointments of 60 minutes each, which we conduct within three months. Here I recommend that we commit to a specific day, on which we meet every two weeks.

  • Our Coaching Sessions will either be held by phone or via Zoom / Skype

  • You can record the online coaching session via zoom for yourself in order to use them again for your own daily inner work

  • We will have a short final discussion at the end of the program in which we discuss your future steps

shadow work coaching programme

My offer to you

  • Free preliminary call
  • 6 online coaching sessions of 60 min. each
  • Recordings of the online coaching sessions 
  • Written elaboration of the most important topics and affirmations for your path


Dancing on Pluto Package 
(6 Coaching Sessions of
60 min. each):   
527 EUR
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