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Schatten auf Betonwand
Shadow Work 

Meeting pluto

Create self-awareness and learn to live your true shiny life - free of fears, dependance and worries. Together we will approach your shadow topics and discover their backgrounds and potentials.

What excatly is shadow work?

Shadow work was first devised by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.

He referred ‘shadow’ to the hidden parts of our being. He believed that we need to integrate these hidden parts in ourselves, so that our full self is acknowledged, and we can live in a balanced and authentic way.


Saturn and Pluto are our shadow planets and therefore their placements in our birth chart can shed light on this shadow side.

Together we will approach your shadows, experience its backgrounds and unlock its potentials, so that you can create a life as the happy and shiny YOU that you are - free from fears, worries and sadness.


How does a meeting pluto session work?

Together we are going to

  • create self-awareness through shadow work

  • transform your fears into your strengths

  • create an authentic and independant life according to your own values and beliefs

  • observe your fears and patterns

  • work out where you might project your fears and anger onto others

  • examine where it is so hard to let go (because letting go of old truths and patterns represent a basic element in your growth)

  • find what is holding you back in life

My offer to you!

Our shadows block us from reaching our true potential.

The reason for these shadow manifestations to show up is, that our real self finally wants to be lived. Because it wants to shine and glow, and it wants to act for our own greatest good.

And in order to achieve that, we first need to take a look behind the scenes.


I am a coach who is focussed and specialized in shadow work. With the help of astrology and many years of experience, I am here to guide you through a process of personal growth.

I help you with bringing out your real self, by bringing the shadows into the light and by enabling you to live your true and shining life.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

What is included?

  • free short intial call

  • Online-Coaching - 60 min./ 90 min. via zoom or phone, where we will work through your topics

  • recording of the online-session via zoom


medi session (60 min.):                

maxi session (90 min.):                 

For a coaching package, take a look at my coachingprogramme

"Dancing on Pluto"!

90 EUR
117 EUR
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