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Mars squaring Pluto again, a time for extreme energies

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Mars & Pluto dancing = extreme!

Mars represents the energy of spontaneous and powerful action & execution and anger & aggression.

Pluto is the planet of transformation that brings to light everything that needs to be eliminated in order to bring the truth to life. With Pluto, the old needs to die so that the new & real can be born.

This transit can trigger extreme and compulsive behavior in us.

Combining these two energies, we feel like sitting on a powder keg that we- through compulsive control - try to prevent from exploding. That energy has unlimited courage to penetrate to the deepest core of things and an irrepressible willpower, but also great impatience, obsession and definitely little sense for compromise. All or nothing - thats the message!

This transit can trigger extreme and compulsive behavior in us.

We now have the great opportunity to finally implement the things that we deeply desire.

We can now recognize what needs a deep change - within us, but also outside of us.

And we feel the deep will to implement this transformation.

Seen globally, it can be said that this is the moment when we as a collective can now face the changes in our world and society that have already been prepared with a lot of courage and willpower.

Maybe in some areas that still means rebellion, fight & protest. Because we all know & feel that change is necessary and we cannot just carry on as before.

We live in an intense but exciting and important time! Everything happens for a reason, never stop believing!

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