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tell me, pluto ..


About tell me, pluto..

Hey beautiful soul,


I am Alexandra, Astrologer, Spiritual Coach and Lightworker and I am the face of "tell me pluto".

I am here to accompany you on your journey to your true self.


For many years I have been involved in spiritual and psychological growth, energy work and especially the influence of cosmic laws on all of us.


With a strong Plutonian emphasis, I am particularly interested in creating awareness of the intense experiences and imprints within us, so that fears and wounds can be transformed into the wonderful strength they actually are.


Through astrological analysis and astrological coaching, you will discover what wonderful light is within you and what experiences may still be preventing you from letting it shine.

I am a member of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and as my IC is in Aquarius, I travel the world and live and work from different countries.

Skorpion Aszendet, Sonne & Mond in Jungfrau

IC im Wassermann

Generator 3/5 mit emotionaler Autorität

My story..

For a long time, I kept myself small out of fear and a need for security. I went after a civil servant's job that did not fulfill me, but only drained me.

The imprints of my childhood and the experiences in my further life based on them made me remain in survival mode, so that there was little room for free development, liveliness and deep happiness. My wounds often kept me in the dark, afraid to show myself as I am.


I already went through a variety of deep transformations in my life to find my truth and meaning. I sorted out - people, jobs, beliefs, fears, dramas. Until I got much deeper into who and what I am underneath.


The transformation of my conditioning, my fears and my beliefs is something that astrology really enabled me to do and that I feel is my heart's mission and task here on earth.


With my Scorpio Ascendant and Pluto as my ruling planetary energy, I bring transformation to the world - always.

With my Leo MC, my job is to guide people through the shadows into their inner guidance - so that they can be guiding stars and inspirations for themselves and others.


Im Podcast Interview..


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