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Hey there!


I am Alex and I am the face of tellmepluto.

I am here to support you on your path to more awareness of yourself and others and to provide in your self-discovery.


I have been dealing with spiritual and psychological growth for a long time and I have been putting my focus on the creation of awareness for both ourselves and others.

Astrology can give concrete answers to many of the questions we all ask ourselves. That makes astrology a wonderful tool for recognizing the patterns in both ourselves and others, so that this awareness can be created.


With an astrological analysis you can finally find out who you really are, what you really need and what may still prevent you from attracting the right things in your life.

In my past, I studied public law and worked in public administration, which left me unfulfilled and unhappy. I always felt that there is more that I need and that I can  give to others. 

Spiritual growth, inner work and psychology have long been main topics for myself and for my family.

I myself have struggled with many fears that arose in my childhood in an environment of manipulation and powerlessness. And I always felt the need to share my experiences and lessons about my inner healing journey with others to guide them on their own journey.

Astrology came to me as an explanation for all the questions that were still unanswered in me.

After a long struggling process, I finally found the courage to give up my secure job and I jumped into life.

I travelled to Asia, lived in New Zealand and dedicated my time to deepen my knowledge and love for astrology.

I am a member of the German Astrology Association (Deutscher Astrologenverband - DAV), as well as of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and I'm currently residing in Germany, where I was born and raised.


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