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How to glow in your career &
work life
Together we are going to dive deep into your strengths and uniqueness, which we make tangible using your birth chart.
We're gooing to explore the larger task or mission you came into this world for and what it is, thatt makes you special, as well as which potentials in you can be further released and lived.

We will also take a very specific look at the specifics of your career or business, which working environment you need in order to feel comfortable and to work best in it, which business offers suit you and how your soul clients and your branding should be in order to be magnetic.
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Astro Business Reading

How does a Cosmic Session work?

In a cosmic reading, together we dive into your energtic fields byusing your birth chart.

I am support you by translating everything that you already are, feel, experienced, as well as all that which wants to be expressed.

 During our Reading, we are in an costant exchange and I provide profound insights into yourself.
And through our dialogue, we can specifically address your topics and challenges, because they are of course very individually.


Knowing ourselves allows us to make important decisions, to find our true vocation, which otherwise might not be tangible for us and instead we do things that do not suit our true self, but it still suits that version of ourselves, that we have become through adaptation or fear.

A Reading brings light into the darkness or simply confirmation, because within ourselves of course already know and feel   who we truly are and what we need or what defines us.

But tour Birth chart helps us to remember it again.

What exactly are we looking at and what is your benefit?

The IC/MC axis is a focus of my work, as I have found that there are an incredible number of deep keys hidden here.

The Medium Coeli (MC) - is the so-called "middle of the sky" = noon = highest position of the sun in the course of the day, which already shows that it is the point to which we look up and to which we want to grow into.

It shows which qualities we should bring to maturity in the course of our lives.

That is where destiny is calling us, that is where our vocation lies.

In other words: our destiny or mission here on earth.

The development from IC to MC and ultimately to draw from both is one of our greatest tasks in life.


Furthermore, we particularly consider the position and the various aspects of the sun as our inner engine and expression of all our potential.

We go into the so-called professional houses (House 2, 6 and 10) and look at which codes are hidden there in relation to work, money, values ​​and business and of course also to the rising sign as an external effect - important for branding, design and your appearance on the outside .


We also look at other factors that are tailored to you individually, so that you can get answers to your specific questions about professional development, but also about your existing business.

After this Business Reading you will have..

  • a basic understanding of yourself, your issues, your gifts and talents

  • more awareness of your strengths and talents

  • more self-confidence for possible blockages, beliefs and challenges

  • an approach to what your heart business is, how you want to work and how your soul clients should be

  • more strength and trust for and in yourself

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What is included in your Astro Business Reading?

  • Your birth chart sent to you as a pdf file

  • 90 min. Online Astro Reading Session via Zoom 

  • recording of our zoom session

Energy Exchange:

233 €
zzgl. Mwst.

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