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Cosmic Clarity Call
1:1 Coaching

Your safe space for clarity & direction

Do you need clarity in your current situation?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the issues, feelings or demands you are currently facing in your life?

Do you want a change in your life, your partnership or even your job?


In this call, we sort and organise, recognise exactly what the deeper roots of your current situation are, as well as finding out, what your nect steps are.

This space offers you clarity, important insights and, above all, direction and, above all, clarity.



Questions and uncertainties about what your current situation or experiences want to show you and what the underlying issue is, we clarify with the help of an online 1:1 astro coaching call.


The answers are all within.

Astrology can help you to see and recognize them.

A closer look into your Birth Chart and on the current cosmic constellations in relation to your very unique energy can give you some guidance and clarity in your current situations.

Where is the difference between a Birth Chart Reading and a Clarity Call?

A Birth chart reading covers all the Basics (see my Cosmic Business Reading) or the deeper topics and energies inside you (see Cosmic Deep Dive).

This Clarity Call will take you through your current topics, blockages and great questions and by taking a deeper look into your energy (a.k.a. birth chart) and the current Cosmic Energies affecting and guiding you into your soul potential. We will sort and clear things.

That will not only lead to greater insights into your current situations, but also into your deeper topics, of which your current questions are an important part of.

1:1 Cosmic Clarity Call

  • 45 - 60 min. Online Cosmic Clarity Call via Zoom or Phone
  • Recording of our zoom session
144,00 € zzgl. MwSt.
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