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Reading & Coaching

Together we create a deeper understanding of your relationship topics and of the energies that are evolving and flowing between you and your partner.

Together we will examine:

  • what you and your partner are searching for in a relationship

  • what is important and necessary for both of you in order to feel loved and safe

  • the communication between you and your partner, as well as possible misunderstandings

  • the positive and also challenging aspects of your relationship

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This reading is for you:
  • if you want to know which energy flow between you an your partner
  • if you want more awareness for the possible obstacles between you and your partner
  • if you need more certainty in certain areas of your relationship
  • if you want to know what you need and unconsciously search for in a relationship
  • what your partner needs to bring into the relationship
Your results:
  • a basic understanding of yourself, your issues, your gifts
  • an understanding of your needs in a partnership and wishes for a partner
  • a basic understanding of your partner's personality and emotional needs and issues
  • more awareness of the energies working between you and your partner in your relationship
  • more awareness of possible tensions between you and your partner and how you can deal with them
  • an approach, which topics you can tackle, deepen or even let go
  • more strength and trust for yourself and in your relationship
Please note:
For a relationship Reading I need both your and your partners birth data.

Relationship includes every partnership between two people, not necessarily a romantic one - e.g. friendship, family relationships, business relationships.
What is included and how does it work?
  • Your birth chart and your partners birth chart sent to you as a pdf file
  • analysis of your birth chart
  • analysis of your partners birth chart
  • synastrie of both of your birth charts
  • 100 min. Online Astro Reading Session via Zoom 
  • recording of our zoom session
Exchange of Energy
266 €
zzgl. Mwst.
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