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Cosmic Deep Dive Reading & Coaching

Tiefenpsychologie meets Astrologie

Lass uns gemeinsam tief eintauchen in deinen Seelenweg.

Wer bist du in Wahrheit?

All deine Erfahrungen haben Muster und Glaubenssätze in dir kreiert, die dich oft noch davon abhalten, deinem Seelenweg zu folgen. Manchmal sind wir uns ihnen noch gar nicht genau bewusst und manchmal wissen wir nicht, wie wir uns von ihnen lösen können.

In diesem Reading tauchen wir nach deinem wahren DU unter diesen Glaubenssätzen und bringen es wieder ans Licht.

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How does a Cosmic Session work?

In a cosmic reading, together we dive into your energtic fields byusing your birth chart.

I am support you by translating everything that you already are, feel, experienced, as well as all that which wants to be expressed.

 During our Reading, we are in an costant exchange and I provide profound insights into yourself.
And through our dialogue, we can specifically address your topics and challenges, because they are of course very individually.


Knowing ourselves allows us to make important decisions, to find our true vocation, which otherwise might not be tangible for us and instead we do things that do not suit our true self, but it still suits that version of ourselves, that we have become through adaptation or fear.

A Reading brings light into the darkness or simply confirmation, because within ourselves of course already know and feel   who we truly are and what we need or what defines us.

But tour Birth chart helps us to remember it again.

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A Cosmic Deep Dive is for you:

  • if you already have basic knowledge of astrology and / or your natal chart 

  • if you want to deal even more deeply with your impressions and experiences in life

  • if you want to know to what extent your karmic and prenatal experiences shape your childhood and your life

  • if you are curious about who you really are and what you want to bring into the world - undernath all of your old beliefs

  • if you have had little contact with astrology, but have already dealt with the issues of coming to terms with the past and personal development

  • if you feel that there has to be more that is inside you and wants to be brought to the outside

What exactly are we doing in a

Cosmic Deep Dive?

In our Cosmic Deep Dive, we will take a close look into your birth chart on a psychologyical and spiritual basis. By that, will analyse the most important  planetary aspects in your birth chart on a deeper and fundamental level. 

With that we can find out, what psychological patterns you are living out of the experiences you made as a child even before you were born into this life.

So we will take a look at how you observed or experienced your mother in your prenatal state and after you were born. We will also see what the typical patterns and topics of your ancestors are and in what area of energy your soul chose to incarnate.

Also your Karmic topics and experiences, that you brought into this life will be discussed. As well as your deep and true potentials, the reason why you chose this life, these parents and these experiences. So we will finally see what your souls essence truly is and how you can open up to your soulpath and to the great things in your life that you came for.

In these about 90 minutes I will give you input and impulses that may even bring you out of your comfortzone, because that is where you are truly stepping into your power.

I want to support you in bringing light to the deep core of important points in your life. And therefore I'm mixing deep psychological astrology with spiritual coaching inputs.

What is included in a Cosmic Deep Dive?

  • Your birth chart sent to you as a pdf file

  • 90 min. Online Astro Reading Session via Zoom 

  • Spiritual Life Coaching 

  • recording of our zoom session

Energy Exchange:

299 €
zzgl. Mwst.

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