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Astro Circles & Workshops

Cosmic tea time (2).jpg

Cosmic Tea Time.
-monthly astro circle-

Once per month we meet live via Zoom for tea & coffee and lots of astro stuff.

Together we are going to interpret certain aspects of our birth charts for each other, look into the charts of exciting personalities or current events and dive into the current astrological topics. 

I'm going to lead this monthly Circle by giving teachings and astrologicals inputs, answering questions and exchanging ideas with you. 

The focus is always on psychological and spiritual astrology with all its aspects and facets.

All astro-interested people who already have some previous knowledge can participate (for all astro newbies I recommend my Astro Basic Workshop beforehand). 

Next Date:
Mi, 08.02.23
19:00 Uhr
Timeframe: ca. 2,5h

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