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Saturn enters Aquarius

Let's change the world together!

Saturn in Aquarius will revolutionize our society

After 2,5 years residing in capricorn, saturn just moved into aquarius where he will stay for the next 2,5 years.

Saturn rules discipline, adaptation and rules, Aquarius rules freedom and change.

With Saturn in Capricorn, we needed to learn how to deal with rules, structures and hierarchies, so that we can now use the aquarian rebellious energy of change in such a way that change is actually feasible and doesn't just end in chaos and irresponsibility.

From a structure that dictates top-down (Capricorn), we are now switching to structures that run bottom up and with people, who recognize the broad masses as authority, instead of institutions and leaders.

It is now more up to us than usual to drive change and fight for a new, modern and sustainable way of life.

We as humanity can change the world and that is exactly what Saturn in Aquarius is about: That humanity is recognized as a value and that community is created.

This will now be made more difficult by restrictions (Saturn) of our freedom (Aquarius) and social (Aquarius) distance (Saturn).

It may well be that we can expect even more restrictions (due to covid) at the beginning.

It will therefore be more important that we rethink and create new models for the future together. And that we use technologies (Aquarius) in a way that we are brought together and not everyone goes into solitude (Saturn).

The upheaval and rebellion associated with the sign Aquarius means less the active rebellion on the streets but more the inner change by opening up to new ideas and concepts and holding space for them.

Then we can find true freedom inside by freeing ourselves from the past and old structures.

"This type of freedom cannot be found by fighting against the establishment. It can only be found when we stop looking up to the establishment"

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