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Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

And another Eclipse, it's the third in a row! Expect magic to happen!

The sun is currently in cancer, moon opposing it in capricorn.

It's about work, security and order (Capricorn), but also about family life, emotions and compassion (cancer). It's about progress and drive, but also about chaos and aimlessness.

Besides the moon, there are currently three planets in capricorn:

Jupiter, Saturn (again since July 2nd) and Pluto.

Saturn wants stability, structure and limits. Jupiter wants to dream, break out and test theses limits.

These energies are currently pulling us strongly in two different directions so that we yearn for one or the other and often do not know which steps to take. If one of the two energies takes over, Pluto ensures that we explore the reason for our motives and that we do not fall back into old patterns.

He does this in his usual manner: destroy in order to rebuild, so we may feel powerless and helpless. However, we can trust that Plutos destruction is for our good and supports us to reach new areas in life.

With 5 retrograde planets, the current energy is still focused on review, correction and revision before we can enter these new areas of our lives.

So it is particularly important to ask ourselves which old structures and habits are preventing us from moving forward and how we can finally release them.

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