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Full Moon in Aries

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Ready for some fire?

Happy FullMoon Babes!

It's time to take action & courage towards ourselves and our goals!

Tonight we have a full moon in aries - sun in libra is opposing the moon in aries conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer asteroid).

On this Full Moon some old wounds are likely to be triggered and brought to surface, so that we can give them the acknowledgement they need to heal.

We are the boss of our life, the great creator of our own reality.

The Moon in aries is about the I AM (opposing libra = YOU). It is about ourselves, our passions, desires and about expressing ourselves authentically. So we have to ask ourselves, where are we truly pursuing our own goals and where we still find excuses in not doing so.

Where do we still tend to please others more than oursleves and where do we finally need to put some boundaries? Where do we need to take action for our own goals and responsibility for our own needs?

We are the boss of our life, the great creator of our own reality.

This full moon gives us the chance to give up our old and false identities and bring our real & true selves to light and into life. This can be felt like a dying and rebirth. But in order to be born again, we must first let go of everything we thought we had to do.In order to release the dying old parts of ourselves, so that the new can emerge, we need to release any frustrations we are likely to be feeling right now (with all this tension in the air) and be patient.

We might want to erupt like a volcano pretty quickly now, so we need to use these impulsive and assertive energies in a positive way and instead put them into fulfilling our goals and plans. Let us have courage for ourselves and live the strengths of our authentic and real selves. The world can't wait to get to know the real us.

Ready for some fire?

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