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Hello Leo Season!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Attention please… Leo Season is here!

Today the sun moved into shiny leo and bringing us some drama-attitude.

Leo is ruled by the sun. When residing in leo, the sun is as its highest point in the sky and is therefore in its full power.

Leo and the sun show us the path to ourselves.

Leo gives us attitude and selfconfidence. It gives us the strenght to express our personlality and to find our identiy. Leo's aim is it to experience the abundance of our possibilities and to draw from them in order to be able to develop all of our vitality.

Leo and the sun show us the path to ourselves.

Since our self-confidence is initially uncertain, we often still need confirmation from others.

And since Leo also rules our ego, we tend to see ourselves as the center of the attention.

It is important that we find our own inner center from which we can draw strength and passion to create a life that we feel and love with all our heart.

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