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mercury goes retrograde 2020

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

14 october - 03 november 2020 (US election day)

Mercury in scorpio going retrograde until Nov 3 (election day in the US).

Mercury rules our intellect which is linked to our left brain hemisphere.

When going retrograde, the attributes connected to mercury (intellect, communication, thinking, writing, learning…) are not working the way they usually do.

Instead we are being asked to pause, observe & reflect. Therefore the attributes connected to our right brain hemisphere (intuition, creativity & emotions) should be activated in order to connect both sides.

Scorpio energy will reveal any secrets and lies, that we still may tell ourselves out of fear.

Mercury retrograding in Scorpio (and later back in libra) can bring up some old traumas & shadows that should be revistited and released. We need to ask ourselves, which limiting beliefs and old bagage are still holding us back from pursuing our goals & from leveling up into our true self.

This is not a time for quick and rash actions but rather for sonsidering what the right actions could be after mercury completed its retrograding period.

Which blockages do we need to release first?

Scorpio energy will reveal any secrets and lies, that we still may tell ourselves out of fear.

It is a time to overcome those fears, as the next level is already here and waiting for us to take.

We can now also experience beautiful blessings and possible surprises (mercury opposition uranus) that this period will bring to us.

As always with mercury being retrograde, we need to take care of our technical devices, traveling, transport, communication and contracts. Things dont turn out the way they seem, so we need tob e cautious and always double check before making moves.

Mercury will end its retrograde at Nov 3 which is the date of US election. This will for sure be interesting, since mercury rules any communcation – possible mishaps in the voting system can happen and probably we won't have the result of the elction settled until mercury will be out of his shadow zone on November 19.

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