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New Moon in Cancer

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Make space for the next and true version of yourself!

Today the second New Moon in Cancer is happening and is bringing us some topics from our past. Old memories, people from our past, as well as old behaviours and patterns can revisit us once more.

As Chiron is moving retrograde and with it four more planets, we can still feel the transforming and even karmic aspects of this current energy.

Sun opposition Saturn also brings us into contact with inner old regulations and blocks.

We are not our memories and experiences. We are not our past.

It is important to face the old wounds of our past, because this current energy also has a lot of healing potential!

We need to be aware that our emotions are based on our memories. Our fears are based on our experiences, including those we have brought with us from a previous life.

We are not our memories and experiences. We are not our past.

Cancer is ruler of the unconscious, of our deep roots.

We need to make peace with our past, with these earlier versions of ourselves. Compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and our past actions now require our main attention.

And with this, we need to focus on our desires and goals and where we may not yet meet our needs. Where do we still give too much space to the desires and needs of others (based on old emotions).

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