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September, here we go!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

September is definitely a tough one and some tensions are in the air.

02/09 - Full moon in Pisces + Venus oppo Saturn

04/09 - Venus square Mars

05/09 - Mercury moves in libra

06/09 - Venus moves in Leo

10/09 - Mars goes retrograde

11/09 - Sun opposition Neptune

13/09 - Jupiter goes direct again

15/09 - Venus square Uranus

17/09 - New Moon in Virgo

22/09 - Libra Season

29/09 - Saturn goes direct + Mars square Saturn again

We start with a full moon in Pisces in connection with Neptune. Longings and desires become big and emotions can overwhelm us pretty much.

However, we can now empathize with ourselves very intuitively and define what we really need and want.

Mercury then enters the sign Libra and gives our minds some harmony and glitter. And Venus in Leo will give us that special glow.

It becomes clear that a return to the so-called normalcy cannot be a possible solution.

But then from sept. 10th it's time for Mars to retrograde and that means in this case that we are dealing with similar constellations (and thus with comparable conditions) as we had back in March.

This time Mars will not conjunct, but square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

This will clearly prompt us to again deal with all the topics and issues for which the Covid pandemic is only symbolic.

It becomes clear that a return to the so-called normalcy cannot be a possible solution. Instead it is now up to all of us to find healthy solutions to move on as a collective on this planet.

The new moon in Virgo on September 17th can support us with a clear mind and pragmatic ideas. And Libra season will help us to find compromises and create more justice.

At the end of the month, Saturn will move direct again and will soon then leave Capricorn, which will bring us all great upheaval and changes.

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