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Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Cancer

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

20th/21th June 2020

This new moon is a very special one:

1. It becomes exact only a few hours after the summer solstice happened and

2. he creates an intense annular solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse occurs whenever the moon moves between the earth and the sun. However, the moon is currently very far away from the earth, appears smaller to us and therefore does not completely cover the sun as we see it.

Rather, it leaves an outer ring visible and therefore gives us a very rare annular solar eclipse. Although the solar eclipse is only visible in some parts of the world, energetically it can be felt everywhere.

A solar eclipse occurs whenever the moon moves between the earth and the sun.

With these cosmic happenings, this becomes particularly clear:

It is not a time to manifest or to plant some new seeds, but rather a time to go deeper and to reflect on our past in order to cleanse, to let go and to make peace with it. This is a turning point, a restart, and therefore we are not supposed to bring in old traumas and wounds.

The moon in cancer represents our past, our emotions, our roots and everything that is felt unconsciously.

The sun represents our will power, our drive and above all everything that is being felt consciously.

So with the moon covering the sun now, we are more or less getting slowed down here, so that we can finally let go of the unconscious traumas and emotions that still need to be released and so that we can create space for our new selves.

We are getting supported in this, not only with Mars in Pisces and Cancer Season in general, but also with the many retrograding planets that call for reflection anyway. So dive in and release

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