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Uranus goes retrograde

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

august 15th 2020 - january 14th 2021 - it's going to be turbulent!

With Uranus retrograding we want to break out of our old habits. Things we would never have thought of now appear to be exactly what we want.

And everything that may have interested us in the past no longer seems to fit into our picture.

Uranus is the planet of freedom, change, but also of unpredictability.

Everything is possible with Uranus and everything should be expected.

When moving retrograde, Uranus brings us a multitude of daring and innovative ideas. We want to do everything in a different way than before and we want to do it NOW.

Hence, we can now become especially impatient, rebellious, and restless. We want to kick ourselves free and not make any promises. However, our ideas and projects are more likely to come to a standstill due during its retrograde time, so that we can take a closer look at them and reflect on what still belongs to us and what we should finally say goodbye to internally and externally.

Everything is possible with Uranus and everything should be expected.

During this time, our intuition is particularly great and we will feel even more what is important and right for us. We should follow our intuition, make plans and try out ideas to check their value for us. However, it is best to not implement them before January, when Uranus moves direct again.

Because with Uranus only one thing is certain: that nothing is certain.

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