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Venus in Cancer

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Sensitivity and Devotion, august 7th - sept. 6th 2020

Yesterday venus moved into Cancer after staying in Gemini for more than four months. ⁣

This makes us longing for closeness and emotional security and liking to devote ourselves completely to others.⁣

Therefore, we should take care not only to give in order to get, but rather being devoted to ourselves, so that giving can grow from free will (and not out of lack and need for love). ⁣

Venus in Cancer also can make us appear moody and socially closed, so take special care not to take everything personally or to feel offended quickly.⁣

We can use this energy and time to deepen the connection with ourselves and our family and gain more sensitivity and empathy. ⁣

But above all, this time is just right to discover and live our inner femininity and softness.

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